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Copier Sales

You can spend between $150 and $40,000 or more on a copier – but neither extreme is right for most offices. The low-end “all-in-ones” that can be purchased for under $300 may seem like a great deal, and they are, as long as you don’t need to use them very often. Their cost per page is far more than larger copiers and they can’t handle steady business use, so they’re really only useful for home offices. On the other side, $20,000 to $40,000 copiers are really only needed by copy shops or print centers for large offices..

Copier Lease

Of course, the price you’ll pay for a copier that meets your volume, speed, and features requirements can vary considerably. A good starting point to consider is that a entry-level office copier costs around $1,500. That will get you a machine that prints about 15 pages per minute (ppm) and handles at least 10,000 pages per month – a good fit for a small office with a low but steady volume of copies.

Copier Rentals

If the purchase price for a copy machine that meets all your needs is simply too much for your budget, don’t despair! Instead of downgrading your requirements, which will probably lead to dissatisfaction anyway, consider leasing a copier. For a manageable monthly fee, you’ll get access to the copier or copiers you need with the latest features.

While paying a monthly fee for a copier may seem like a waste, remember that you’d be paying a monthly fee for a service agreement with a copier purchase. The lease agreement will include all the service and emergency repairs you’ll need (or at least it should – take the time to read your lease and make sure!) and in some cases also includes “consumables” like toner and replacement parts.

Copier Repair Service

Service agreements are usually priced based on the number of copies you expect to make. If you lease your copier, you may get one monthly price that includes maintenance coverage and the lease payments, but ask the dealer to break the pricing out so you can better compare prices from multiple dealers.

Laser Printer Sales

Your monthly copy volume is as important a consideration as speed: exceeding the manufacturer’s recommendations for how many copies a machine should make a month – often called the “duty cycle” – can lead to breakdowns and potentially void your warranty.


Service Contracts & Warranty

Finally, any color copier will require more expensive supplies, which includes the paper (unless you’re content to use regular laser copy paper on a hybrid machine), toner (with four colors instead of just black, each can usually be replaced separately), developer (one for each color usually) and fuser oil. Is always a good idea to have a service contract.

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